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Jobs Tool Kit

Welcome to the Jobs for Ex-Offenders Toolkit! The Kit, a service of America's
Workforce Network, has been developed to provide criminal justice staff and
Inmates with information about Department of Labor workforce development
programs and services.


Introduction.pdf28.55 KB
America's Job Line - Job Search by Phone.pdf29.24 KB
Career One-Stop Overview.pdf17.8 KB
I-9 Employment Eligibility.pdf21.07 KB
News Articles.pdf73.38 KB
One Stop Partner Links.pdf19.79 KB
State Websites.pdf22.42 KB
Welfare Information Network Case Study.pdf118.93 KB
Welfare to Work Tax Credit.pdf22.62 KB
Work Opportunity Tax Credit.pdf23.06 KB
Welfare to Work Non-Custodial Parents.pdf26.55 KB
Working With Non-Custodial Parents.pdf37.89 KB
Helping New Workers Keep Jobs.pdf56.57 KB
Veterans Information.pdf104.75 KB

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