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Changes to Attorney Account Information

Per Local Rule 12.01(G), attorneys admitted to practice, in any capacity, have a continuing duty to promptly notify the Clerk of any change of name, business address, telephone number, or e-mail address.  Additionally, if the attorney is involved in any pending litigation on file with this Court, a Notice of Change of Address should be filed in your pending case(s) to notify the parties of the updated information.

All changes must be made to the attorney’s PACER account and shared with the Court through PACER.  Visit the PACER website at and click on Manage Your Account (Manage My Account Login).  Log into your PACER account, and then click on the “Maintenance” tab.

Address and Telephone/Fax Numbers:

To change your address, telephone number, and/or fax number, click on Update Address Information and enter your new information.  Where it says Apply Updates to Selected Courts, click on all courts in which you are admitted (and PACER Billing, if needed), and click Submit.

***Please note that the Court’s law firm naming standard is to include only the first two sir names in a law firm name. For example, if your firm is called “Smith, Jones & Doe, LLC”, it will be shortened to “Smith Jones LLC” in our database.

***Only the primary telephone number and fax number are saved on the court record.  Alternate and text numbers are not published on the public docket and will be ignored when the record is updated.

E-mail Address:

To update your email address, click on Update E-Filer Email Noticing and Frequency.  Select the courts in which you are admitted and type in your new email address, select Email Frequency and Email Format that you desire and then click Submit.  The updated information will then be sent to the Court for acceptance.  The submissions must be approved by the Court, so they are not instantaneous.

***Please note that selecting the Email Format called “Text” means that your email will be sent with raw, unformatted text; it does not mean that you will receive a Text message.  Most law firms prefer HTML format.

Name Change:

To submit a name change, click on Update Personal Information.  Type your name as you would like it to appear on your PACER and CM/ECF accounts and click “Submit”.  All name updates are automatically submitted to every court in which you are registered.  The submissions must be approved by the Court, so they are not instantaneous.

For assistance with changing your contact information through PACER, please contact PACER customer service at or (800) 676-6856.