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Administrative Orders

Number Date Title
AORD-0067 11/22/2021 Requirement for Preapproval of Expenses Over $1000 in Court Appointed Civil Cases
AORD-0066 10/25/2021 Bankruptcy Court Non-Appropriated Fund Terms
AORD-0065 10/25/2021 District Court Non-Appropriated Fund Terms
AORD-0064 10/01/2021 Amended Local Rules of the United States Bankruptcy Court
AORD-0063 09/10/2021 SSA Admin Order 09-10-21
AORD-0062 09/09/2021 Closing of the District Court - Clerk's Office - September 10th
AORD-0061 09/02/2021 Case Operations Order
AORD-0060 07/30/2021 Revised Building Entry Standards
AORD-0059 07/27/2021 Revised Building Entry Standards
AORD-0058 07/16/2021 Electronic Device Policy 2021
AORD-0057 06/25/2021 Revised Building Entry Standards
AORD-0056 06/04/2021 Case Operations and Courthouse Entry Due To COVID-19 Response
AORD-0055 05/27/2021 Courthouse Operations Due To COVID-19 Response
AORD-0054 10/30/2020 Due Process Protections Act - Rule 5
AORD-0053 04/29/2021 Appointment of Sayler A. Fleming as United States Attorney
AORD-0052 04/22/2021 Judicial Counsel Order adopting Local Rule 13.05 / Effective date June 1, 2021
AORD-0051 03/24/2021 Designation and Assignment Of A Chief United States District Judge For Service In Another Circuit
AORD-0050 03/08/2021 Building Entry Standards
AORD-0049 03/08/2021 Case Operations
AORD-0048 12/08/2020 Bankruptcy Court assignments for Calendar Year 2021
AORD-0047 12/08/2020 District Court and Bankruptcy Court assignments for Calendar Year 2021
AORD-0046 12/08/2020 IntraCircuit Assignment of Magistrate Judge Willie J. Epps, Jr. / Western District for calendar year 2021
AORD-0045 12/08/2020 Administrative Order approving Neutral John (Jack) R. Musgrave for docketing
AORD-0044 11/24/2020 Case Operations COVID
AORD-0043 11/24/2020 EDMO Building Entry Standards
AORD-0042 09/15/2020 Eastern District Of Missouri Building Entry Standards
AORD-0041 09/04/2020 Eastern MO Allows Limited Socially-Distanced Public Entry Into All District Courthouses
AORD-0040 09/01/2020 Eastern MO Extends Remote Hearing and Limited Jury Trial Authorization Through November 27
AORD-0039 07/30/2020 US District Court – Eastern MO Continues Limited In-Person Proceedings Status through September 7, Extends Speedy Trial Act Finding
AORD-0038 07/13/2020 Thomas F. Eagleton Courthouse Reopening, Entry Limited to Lobby Except for Persons Necessary for In-Person Proceedings or by Agency Appointment
AORD-0037 07/06/2020 U.S. District Court-Eastern MO Authorizes Limited Number of Jury Trials and In-Person Hearings, Extends Speedy Trial Act Waiver in Cases Where Necessary
AORD-0036 06/01/2020 Magistrate Judge Shirley P. Mensah – Reappointment Order
AORD-0035 06/04/2020 CJA Payments – COVID 19
AORD-0034 05/29/2020 Case Operations – COVID 19
AORD-0033 05/29/2020 Building Entry Standards – COVID 19
AORD-0032 05/07/2020 Court Operations Restrictions – COVID 19
AORD-0031 04/29/2020 Plea-Sentencings – COVID 19
AORD-0030 04/22/2020 Forfeiture Proceedings-Actions – COVID 19
AORD-0029 04/01/2020 Compassionate Release Motions – COVID 19
AORD-0028 03/31/2020 CJA Payments – COVID 19
AORD-0027 03/30/2020 Criminal Case Operations - COVID 19
AORD-0026 03/23/2020 Courthouse Operations - COVID 19
AORD-0025 03/18/2020 Civil Case Restrictions – COVID 19
AORD-0024 03/13/2020 Court Operations Restrictions – COVID 19
AORD-0023 03/13/2020 Restrictions on Visitors – COVID 19
AORD-0022 03/06/2020 Magistrate Judge Shirley P. Mensah – Merit Selection Panel
AORD-0021 01/24/2020 Chief Judge Kathy A. Surratt-States - Chief Bankruptcy Judge Term
AORD-0020 05/28/2019 CM/ECF Nextgen Upgrade Clerk's Office Closing
AORD-0019 01/19/2018 Normal Operations During Shutdown
AORD-0018 08/18/2017 Habeas Corpus Assignments
AORD-0017 09/20/2017 Petty Offenses-National Park Service
AORD-0016 05/15/2017 Petty Offenses-Federal Protective Service
AORD-0015 05/15/2017 Petty Offenses-Fish and Wildlife Service
AORD-0014 05/15/2017 Petty Offenses-Department of Veterans Affairs
AORD-0013 03/15/2016 Jury Management Plan
AORD-0012 11/09/2017 Amended Local Rules of the United States Bankruptcy Court
AORD-0008 06/22/2015 Removal of Attorneys
AORD-0007 08/25/2017 Electronic Device Policy
AORD-0003 01/20/2017 Sentencing Procedures - Revised
AORD-0002 06/02/2016 Neutral Removal
AORD-0001 07/13/2017 Attorney Admission Fee Non-Appropriated Fund