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Information for Employers

Message to Employers of Citizens Summoned for Jury Duty

Your employee has been summoned to jury service in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. The court asks these citizens to be available for a period of two weeks in the St. Louis division, or a period of six months on call in the Cape Girardeau and Hannibal divisions.

In most instances, employees serving federal jury service will not place an undue burden on a company. In 1978 the “Protection of Juror’s Employment Statute” (Title 28, United States Code, Section 1875) was enacted to ensure that the Courts would have adequate juror participation. The statute prohibits an employer from taking adverse action against an employee whose absence from work is due to jury service obligations.

Jurors are paid $50.00 per day for their service. If your company does not have a policy for paying employees their usual compensation while they are on jury duty, you are asked to reconsider that policy.