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Bill of Rights Day - Dec 15

December 15 is Bill of Rights Day, celebrating the day that the Constitution's first 10 Amendments were ratified in 1791. Courts around the country celebrate this important milestone throughout the month of December.

STUDENT CONTEST: To commemorate this important anniversary, federal courts in ten states invited students to submit art and essays about the importance of the Bill of Rights. The third annual student contest was open to students in grades 5-12. 500 students participated. To see the list of winning students and their entries, visit the official contest website, hosted by the Judicial Learning Center.

  • To read about the Bill of Rights, click HERE to visit the National Archives site.
  • To see Bill of Rights Day activities, click HERE to visit the U.S. Courts national outreach page.
  • If you would like more information on how you and/or your students can participate in our annual Bill of Rights Day event, contact our Public Education and Community Outreach Administrator.

Contact info – Rachel Marshall
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