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Constitution Day - Sept 17

September 17 marks the anniversary of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, and is designated as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, by the United States government. By Congressional mandate, “Each educational institution that receives Federal funds for a fiscal year shall hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by the educational institution.”

  • To learn more about Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, click HERE to visit the U.S. Courts national outreach page
  • Civil Discourse and the Constitution activity package and video for use in classrooms and courtrooms.
  • To learn more about the U.S. Constitution any day of the year, click HERE to visit the National Constitution Center’s Interactive Constitution
  • If you would like more information on how you and your students can participate in our annual Constitution Day student event at the courthouse, contact our Public Education and Community Outreach Administrator.

Contact info – Rachel Marshall
(314) 244-2410